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Baskets for Children

These baskets for children are used for a lot of things according to the way in which they are made. Our artisans make small willow beds for babies, wattled baskets in a small bucket with twisty borders, bails of different measures and baskets without bails or handhold. Therefore, they are used as small beds where the little baby can play and sleep or for other things with which is charged in his first years of life.
The small beds and baskets for children are very comfortable and they can be made in many different ways. The baskets can have straight or round borders with a small boat form and the small beds can be double or not.
The baskets with a bail for children are excellent because they weight very little, so that when you go somewhere, they can carry different objects. Therefore, they will be considered equal with you! They have small measures and they are especially created for little people.