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Hand-wattled baskets

Snagov Prod will make available the hand-wattled baskets of different measures which are made in a single color or in esthetically combined colors. These are excellent for presents, for a picnic or for keeping the fruits, candies or other decoration objects in the house.
The hand –wattled baskets are made from American willow sterns, purple willow or green willow and have a tall handhold (regarding the small baskets) or an appropriate handhold (regarding to the big baskets). They are very easy to carry and they have a delicate fabric because the wattles are previously boiled and shucked. The wattling way differs, the superior part (near the handhold) can have bigger spaces for being able to see the interior, compact structure or which can be decorated with a crown from wattles.
The hand-wattled baskets can be also considered artistic objects not only because of the multiple forms of trellis, but also because of the different obtained appearance. The handhold can be wattled in many ways and the small baskets can have two bails.