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Wash baskets –boxes

We make wash boxes and boxes for storage with covers from willow sterns which are varnished or dyed in different colors. If you prefer a light wooden recipient instead of one from plastic that gets out of shape easily, please contact us!
The wash willow baskets have the advantage that offer a very good airing and they maintain a low visibility of the clothes inside because of the little meshes which were obtained through wattling. They can be squared or round and treated in different manners, with very good polish or dye for a decorative purpose. They can be stored without any problem in the bathroom; the used wood is dried and resistant to humidity.
Our artisans know the art of wattling the willow and they obtain different forms of wash baskets or boxes for storage which will fit excellently in any household. Even in the modernly decorated houses, they will bring a style addition through simplicity and utility.