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Willow furniture

Snagov Prod manufactures willow trays which are processed in a way which ensures the high quality of the final product. Wattling the dried and shucked sterns is made by hand, making resistant traditional art objects of different measures and with the possibility of combining more willow essences which can be varnished / dyed.
The willow trays are often used in the supermarkets and the agro-alimentary markets and in bakery, but also in their own house for storage of many products types. Being manufactured of wood (natural material which was not chemically treated), they keep the food, the fruits and other products on the best conditions. The used polish or dye in the case in which is used has the role to adorn and to increase the resistance of the material.
Our artisans can obtain more options of measures regarding the willow tray and the thickness of the wattle can also differ. The back of the tray can be covered with a paper or plywood so that the gobbets or the components of small measures do not leak out through the wattled meshes.