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Wooden Pergolas and Belfries

Do you think to assembly wooden pergolas and belfries in the garden? We will help you with the construction part, by choosing the best wooden essences and by using high quality materials and equipment for their performance. The simple pergolas or those accompanied by the belfry will make your yard more beautiful and will help you to keep out from the sun and the rain.
These elements for the garden are recently used by most owners because they combine the utility with the artistic sense. A willow table and armchairs can be placed under a belfry for relaxing in the summer evenings or for having lunch or dinner that brings a special character to the background outside the house or the villa. His coverage will escape the rain or the too strong sun.
The Snagov Prod artisans take care to combine in a correct manner the wooden boards for obtaining wooden pergolas and belfries that are resistant and that have a symmetrical appearance. In the end, these can be varnished or dyed in the colors on which we have agreed with you.